Cadmill Sieves

Manufacturers, Supplier and Exporter of Fluid Bed dryer Sieves in Mumbai, India.

Cadmill sieves are basically a wiremesh screen made of best quality Stainless steel which is used in Fitz mill machine for size reduction i.e. crushing of bigger particles in to smaller one.

Cadmill Sieves in 152 mm x 542 mm in perforated round holes mounted on black reinforcing plate of 18 SWG with 18 rectangular holes & woven mesh is layered on it

Helps regulate particle output within a specified size range

• Small Frame - various sizes up to 8"
• Large Frame - various sizes larger than 8"
• Material of Construction: Stainless Steel

Features of Cad Mill Sieves

• Durable
• Best quality
• Customised as per client requirement
• Corrosion resistance