Concertina Wire

We are one of the renowned and reliable manufacturers, supplier, stockist and exporter of Concertina Wire in Mumbai, India.

Concertina wire is a type of barbed wire or razor wire that is formed in large coils which can be expanded like a concertina. These concertina wires are manufactured using a central core of high tensile wire around, which tapes razor sharp and are machine crimped. Our range is very strong and reinforced with steel coils, which makes it hard to bend. The barbed wires also have a piercing and gripping action.

Features of Concertina Wire

  • High Tensile
  • Machine Crimped
  • Hard to Bend
  • Barbed wire with steel pickets
  • Very Strong
  • Razor Sharp
Concertina wire are basically used for security purpose basically for the fencing of Border fencing , prison fencing, Agriculture Lands fencing, Hospital fencing, School Fencing.