Filter Disc

We are one of the leading manufacturers, supplier, stockist and exporter of Filter Discs in Mumbai, India.

We offer our clients with an unmatched range of Filter Discs. These filter discs are offered in single and multiple layers with or without frames. The multiple layers Disc Filter are provided with spot welding. These filter discs are in accordance with required industry standards and offered in varied specifications. We also offer these to our clients at competitive prices.

Specifications of Filter disc:

Materials for Filter Discs Filter Discs Shapes Type of Weaves
Stainless Steel ANSI304, ANSI316 Circular discs Plain weave
Plain Steel Multilayer discs by either spot welded or bound Twilled weave
Galvanized Steel Brass, Copper and Bronze Aluminium Multi mesh discs Multilayer cylindrical screens Special shaped screens Dutch weave

Types of Filter pads

The types of the filter discs depend on the material, shapes and weaves
The popular types of filter discs are Stainless Steel Filter Discs, Plain steel Filter discs, Galvanised Steel Filter discs, Brass Filter discs, Copper Filter discs, Bronze Filter discs and Aluminium filter discs, Circular Stainless steel filter discs, Multi mesh discs, multilayer cylindrical screen, Plain weave filter discs, Twilled weave filter discs, Dutch weave filter discs.
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Filter Disc

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