Types of Wire Mesh

Indo German Wire Screen Co is one of leading manufacturer of several type of wire mesh. The type of wire mesh you want to purchase, there are many things you want to consider before making a decision.
• Aesthetic considerations - how important is appearance?
• Function is a significant factor - what do you want to keep in or out?
• Cost is important - should you buy the least expensive product or invest in fencing material that will last a long time and save on the future expenses and labor of early replacement?
• Country of origin may be something you want to take into account - is there any connection between the quality of a fence and where it is made?
• Topography of the site should be considered - are there irregularities in the ground's surface where the fence will be located?
• Manufacturing method is important - is a welded product a better choice than a woven fence mesh?

Which wire mesh material to use, one of the most important aspects to take into account is the type of "finish" the wire mesh has. There are four basic types:
1. Galvanized Before Weld and Galvanized Before Weave
2. Galvanized After Weld and Galvanized After Weave
3. Vinyl coated welded and woven
4. Stainless Steel and other alloys.

Our wide range include wire mesh in different material, size , shape , welded coated and galanvised.

Product Range of Types of Wire Mesh