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Aviary & Bird Screen

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Aviary & Bird Screen is great for bird control, covering any game birds such as pheasants and for the defence of poultry against predators such as hawks. Aviary wire mesh does the same thing excluding it is more aimed at birds with stronger beaks such as parrots. When building or fixing a new flight pen/aviary, high value aviary netting or aviary wire mesh is important. Zinc poisoning can be lethal and is produced by the birds chewing on the galvanised mesh Therefore, the use of wire mesh in the construction of aviaries is the only way to stop zinc poisoning in birds.


Making bird cages is like giving your birds the home they truly deserve. Birds like to crawl up the sides for their aviaries and will even gnaw on metal with their breaks. When constructing your aviary Bird Cages, you’ll want to use materials that are flexible but strong. 

Advantages of Stainless Steel Mesh Bird Cages:

  • Always look brand new.
  • Last a lifetime comparatively to other materials. 
  • Easy to clean and easier to keep it sanitary.
  • Can even be pressure-washed without damaging the coating. 
  • No need to paint or coating.
  • Stainless Steel is inherently resistant to bacteria formation, and simple to sterilise.

Stainless steel has an elegant look with its smooth polished finish. Stainless bird cages and its sleek bars & wires will maintain that new appearance for years to come. Birdcages with Stainless Steel Mesh can be used outdoors and in humid environments as they are resistant to rust and corrosion.
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