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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions: For questions and answers not discussed here, please contact us for more information.
Indo German Wire Screen Co. is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in the wire mesh industry. Blind shipments are ideal for customers who do not want to reveal the source’s name to their customers. We offer both blind shipments and drop shipments which ship directly from our facility to our customer’s customer, which saves both of them time and money. We have worked with various motor freight carriers to enhance our customized blind shipment program. We routinely use generic shipping labels and can easily use our customer’s own, if desired.
We immediately begin to fill your order once an order is placed – verbally, via purchase order, or through e-commerce. We request that you double check your specifications, quantity and dimensions before placing your order. However, certain orders, including custom manufacturing, fabricated parts and cut-to-size pieces, are non-cancellable.
We offer chemical and/or physical certification for most any woven or welded wire mesh. A request for standard chemical and/or physical certification must be clearly stated on your official written purchase order.
Upon receipt of your wire mesh shipment, it is the client’s obligation to check the package for any external damage. A photo in these occurrences is highly recommended. After opening the package, if the material is damaged, a claim must be made with the carrier. Filing the claim and call for an inspection in a prompt fashion are the responsibilities of the customer. If external damage is found, the delivery receipt and other related paperwork must note the damage before accepting the delivery.
As a result, we offer several expediting services including same day shipments, pick-ups, and expediting fabrication. Because of our extensive inventory and devoted staff, we routinely ship stock material out the day your order is placed.
Wire mesh is an industrial product and is intended for use in industrial applications, where functionality is the primary objective. Most wire mesh that we adhere to the standard specification for industrial woven wire cloth. ASTM E-2016-11 states that wire cloth shall be woven with first-class workmanship, although some blemishes or defects are inherent in the weaving process. We routinely work with these types of customers and have been largely successful in meeting their requirements.
Most wire mesh that we follow to the standard specification for industrial woven wire cloth, namely ASTM-E2016-11. It is important for any purchaser of wire mesh and wire cloth to be familiar with this specification, which can be accessed online at This specification discusses tolerances in the wire mesh industry, in detail.
After receiving material and before cutting to size, fabricating or shipping, it is important that customers inspect material to confirm it is received as ordered. We reserve the right to inspect material before issuing credit, refund or replacement. The customer is responsible for shipping costs back to us, unless the dispute is an error in the fulfillment of the order. We will inspect the material for non-conformance, including tolerances, defects and blemishes referenced in ASTM E-2016-11, or other applicable industrial standards. We may be unable to accept returns on incorrectly ordered items, mesh that has been cut, fabricated parts or custom manufactured items.
Oftentimes, users of wire mesh require special packaging for their material. Some of the more popular packing requirements include: flat shipments, individually packaged and marked shipments, shipment with extra protection, consolidated shipments and customized boxed. Please contact us to discuss your special packaging requirements. Extra charges may apply.
This website has been designed with the goal of providing website visitors with all of the detailed information we have learned from our broad range of customers over the years. If you are unsure about what mesh will work best in your application, we suggest sampling, prototyping or speaking to an expert or engineer in your particular industry.